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Linn Lindfred presenting Circularista on stage

Circular Economy Strategist

Linn is a circular economy specialist who can assist you in developing circular strategies and business models, overseeing circular innovation initiatives, and providing education on the principles of the circular economy and its potential value for your business.

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Elected as one of Sweden's top 33 sustainability talents under 33 years. Nominated by readers and elected by a jury, Aktuell Hållbarhet lists sustainability talents that will shape the future.

Get to Know Me

I have a passion for circular economy, entrepreneurship and leading projects with a positive impact. ​My mission is to facilitate the essential strides towards sustainable and circular transformation. With a profound commitment to a systems thinking mindset, I aspire to catalyze change on a grander scale.

Get to know Linn Lindfred, Circularista

A Snapshot of My Work

Creating a circular strategy for real estate

Real Estate accounts for 21% of Swedish CO2 emissions. Circularista has created a circular strategy that could decrease material based emissions from construction projects with up to 70%. The strategy includes a new way of measuring circularity.

Piloting Digital Product Passports for circular textiles

A Digital Product Passport (DPP) for textiles sold in EU is mandated to 2030 - Circularista manages an innovation project to pilot a first DPP in practice. The aim of the DPP is to encourage sustainable production, circular processes and conscous consumerism.

 Turning wasted wool into value - on industrial scale

50% of Swedish wool is wasted - Circularista has been part of managing an industrial scale project for targeting the bottlenecks in the Swedish wool market and has co-written a new Swedish Wool Standard for large scale trade.

My Services


Circular Strategies

What value can circular processes unlock? What are your resource and innovation strategies? Circularista can help you understand how to design your company for circularity. 


Circular pilots

A key to successful transformation is to start small and scale, to conduct pilots and validate, before implementation.  Circularista has managed several circular pilot projects.


Measuring Circularity

Circular initiatives cannot be evaluated with linear metrics.  Circularista specialises in developing ways of measuring circularity on different levels.

My Clients

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Italian village Seborga in the middle of mountains and nature

"What does prosperity mean in a world of 9 billion people living under the threat of climate change and resource scarcity? One thing is absolutely clear. It cannot mean business as usual. It cannot mean more of the same"

- Jacksson 2009


Rosengatan 11

17270 Sunbyberg





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