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Circular strategies

  • Do you need help in identifying the first steps towards more circular processes? Can you identify your resource and innovation strategy?

  • How can you design your company to keep products and materials at their highest value for as long as possible? 

  • How can a circular strategy be key to reaching your climate goals incuding scope 1-3? ​


Circularista can help you create a circular strategy for your business, design your company to minimize material use and waste and retain the value of your products while minimizing the climate impact. 

Circular business models

Circularista can help you identify inefficiencies and opportunities in your value chain and prioritise and design for circular business models. This process includes identifying the strategies you will apply for handling your resources. In a circular economy the aim is to minimise material use and waste by designing products using less and more sustainable materials as well as recovering resources after use (Narrowing and closing loops), but also prolonging the lifetime of products and using the products more (Slowing loops).  Several different business models could be applied to enable narrowing, slowing and closing loops.

Circular business models image by Matt Seymour
Measuring circularity

Measuring Circularity

We can't measure and evaluate circular processes and business models by using traditional linear metrics. But did you know that there are over 300 circularity indicators out there? 

In a circular economy we move from maximising throughput (linear) to maximising value over time (circular). In essence, it means to fundamentally change the way we deliver value. This also means that we need to change the way we measure success and evaluate progress. We need new KPIs and metrics. Not only on a company level but on all levels of society. Circularista specialises in developing circular KPI:s and metrics. 

Circular pilot projects

Are you interested in conducting a small scale project to test and evaluate a circular innovation/process/business model?

In order to transform from linear to circular businesses - ie fundamentally changing the economic model that underpins our whole consumption and production pattern - we need to start small and conduct pilots to validate, before we can scale and implement in the day-to-day business. To date, Circularista has managed several circular innovation projects with both smaller and bigger project consortiums.

Spiral Staircase, circles
Circularista, Linn Lindfred presenting about circular economy

Circular education

Do you lack knowledge in circular economy? Do you want to get inspired to embark on you circular journey? Circularista is an appreciated public speaker and has held many presentations and workshops on the topic of circular economy. She has also developed university courses on the topic.

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